12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 6

We are all very grateful for our blessings.  Big and small – blessings are everywhere and this time of year we take a moment to rock back on our heals and acknowledge them.

SPA is blessed with many talented builders and pilots.  One of our dedicated builders that has contributed a great deal the Panther project is Bob Woolley.  He has been one of our stead fast builders and has not only started his second Panther – He has the most seat time in the Panther airframe.

Here is a note from him.

Tucked away behind my first Panther is my second Panther kit.  It is in the final assembly stage awaiting the engine for installation.  Having helped several other Panther builders finish their kits, it was time to build my second.   With all the matched holes drilled throughout the kit, the Panther is a dream to build and fly.  If you want a single seat “sports car” this is the airplane that will fill that part of your flying experience.    

Merry Christmas to all the folks at SPA.  


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