12 Days of Panther Christmas 2017 – Day 1

During this wonderful season of joy, giving and happiness we are carrying on our tradition in asking our Panther builders to share some photos and a few words about what they love about building.

To start off the count down to Christmas we have two habitual Panther builders – Bob Woolley and Buddy Henson.

Here is what Buddy had to say:

“This is my second build and the first tri-cycle gear to fly. I like to stay busy since i retired a few year ago. I really enjoy the building process and have restored a few cars and trucks, as well as two airplanes in the past. The Panther has been right u my alley.

 – Buddy Henson SN017 and SN075

Buddy Henson’s TriGear Panther – Prowling the Skies of NE Florida

Buddy built a Panther LS tail dragger powered by a Lycoming O-320 that is now owned by Jansen Kinsley.  He also built the first Panther LS Tri-Gear to fly, powered by a Lycoming O-320 shown above.

Here is what Bob had to say:

“With over 200 hours on my Panther and over 300 hours of Panther time, I was so pleased with the wonderful folks at SPA that I purchased my second Panther kit last week. If you want a truly outstanding performing airplane that is striking in appearance, buy a Panther.

It is a pleasure to call you and Dan friends. And for that fact, Pat, Travis and Lisa fit in the same category. Ego boost, you guys are great.”

– Bob Woolley

Bob Woolley’s Panther Sport Hot Rod Paint Job!

Bob built the first Panther Sport to fly (shown above) powered by a Lycoming O-320.  He is now building his second Panther ;).

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