12 Days of Panther Christmas 2017 – Day 5

On the 5th day of Christmas our builders shared with us…a Radio Flyer.

The trio of builders from Titusville, FL have really shown us Christmas spirit all year long.  They have been an enthusiastic bunch, showing their home-building spirit along the  build process.  They have a true love for the experience of workmanship, working together and making dreams become a reality.  If you want to get into the Christmas spirit you can read some of their inspiring stories below.  And you should also watch this little video – I highly recommend it.

You can see information on their build at the links below:

Panther Building @ Lightning Speeds

Panther Builder Progress Report

168 Days from Kit Pickup to Engine Run

Panther Building Record – 228 Days to Completion!

Lightning Panther Builders First Flight In Depth Report

These three builders, Les Boatright, Ed Brennan and Bob Rychel, have done an outstanding job.  Hats off to you guys!

“A very rewarding build, and the most Fun little airplane I’ve ever flown!”   

– Les Boatright, Titusville, FL

The Panther Builders and their Little Red Wagon – L to R: Bob Rychel, Ed Brennan, and Les Boatright

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