12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 12

On the 12 day of Christmas our builders shared with us…..building is a family affair.

Builder Andy Shorter from New Bern, NC SN033 has been making progress on his Corvair 3.0L powered Panther LS TD.

Here is a note from Andy:

Panther building as a family affair — Somewhere beyond the two hour cumulative run-time mark on the Corvair, I decided it was safe to get a timing check with my son “on the throttle.”  After going through some emergency procedures and reciting the plan back to me, he did a fine job managing and monitoring the engine while I took the readings.  I am very happy to be working on such a straightforward and well thought out kit project (airframe/engine combo) that, as a first time builder, I can use to pass on some of the mechanical lessons I learned as a kid… and seem like I know what I am talking about.

Picture is a little dated (running with only the left wing in place); since then, wings have been moved to the airport and fuselage will be there shortly.  Working on getting an inspection scheduled soon in order to get the first flight in on Saturday… but as the saying goes, I just don’t know which Saturday!

Merry Christmas,


Andy Shorter’s son at the throttle of the Corvair powered Panther LS TD SN033.

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