12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 3

Here are some photos from Panther builder SN059 Ryan Fiscus from Fort Worth, TX.  Ryan is a first time builder and he has been enjoying his Panther building process!

Here is what Ryan has to say about his build:

“I don’t have too many photos of “me and the panther” but here are a few of my favorites if I had to pick…

This one because I’m a first time builder and this was my first big accomplishment all with a newly released airframe that doesn’t have a giant builder base yet nor a fully refined builders manual (take that as a compliment as to how easy you guys have made it!)


Here is one with me in it if you must use it … go ahead!  (Most of our builders are modest and do not like the lime light 😉



You guys are doing an awesome job – keep up the good work! The parts are flawless and better than expected. The build always goes smoothly and when all else fails questions get answered quickly! I love building my Panther, it’s like therapy for me and sometimes that makes me bug you guys:)!!


This is Ryan at our Booth at OSH 2015 when he decided to become a Panther builder. He was very excited that day!

And here is one – but it’s the prototype and I just find the picture awesome:) ”

-Ryan Fiscus, Panther SN059, Ft. Worth, TX

Congratulations Ryan, on your excellent progress.  We are so happy for you!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your Team SPA!

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