12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 8

On the eighth day of Christmas our builders shared with us….Engine Options

David Christensen from Brigham City, UT, Panther Tri-Gear SN086, UL Power sent us this note:

Thanks SPA for the great kit and service. The rear fuselage went together very fast. 
Moved on to the forward fuselage. Just got it attached to the tail cone. This is 
really starting to look like something. Next step is to install the horizontal and 
vertical tail assemblies. Can’t wait! Good project for us older builders who can’t 
wait 12 years to complete a homebuilt.

– David Christensen, Panther TG SN086

David Christensen’s Panther Tri-Gear from Brigham City, UT.  Powered by UL Power

Barney Barnes from Belton, SC Panther SN064, N9429B sent in a note and a photo of his outstanding progress.  His Panther LS is powered by the Continental O-240.

Looking forward to flying it!

– Barney Barnes, Panther SN064

Barney Barnes is almost ready to fly!

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