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Innovation So Inspiring We All Were Speechless

We received the best New Years Day gift today! Our friend, neighbor and master welder Mr. Vern Stevenson rolled up to the hanger in his Intruder II. This machine is creatively crafted from a Geo Metro front end, LancAir fuselage and rear motorcycle wheel. He has named it the Intruder II. Vern is one of […]


The Panther made it into the Experimenter!!!!! Wow, what a surprise! Click here and scroll down to the EXPERIMENTER MULTIMEDIA section. The wing ribs and spars for the test wing from the CNC shop should be here by the end of the week, and goal is to have the test wing built and proven by […]

EAA Chapter Article on Tony Spicer Panther Beta Builder

Here is an EAA Newsletter from EAA Chapter 1114. On page 5 you will find a short article discussing Mr. Tony Spicer’s inspiring and dedicated come back after mother nature has not one, but twice, done damage to his homebuilts. Tony is a long time pilot, builder and friend to the experimental aviation community and we are proud to have him as a Panther beta builder.

Corvair Rear Alternator Project 6 comments

Last week we had a chance to do the final testing on the direct drive rear generator setup. First:  An overview of the system.  It uses the John Deere style permanent magnet generator and regulator that the Corvair community has used for years.  It is mounted on the rear of the engine on a CNC […]

Solo Movie Trailer

This is a trailer from a short film produced and directed by Dan’s sister Lisa Weseman and brother-in-law Lex Sadasivan.  The short film is scheduled for its debut in the near future.  Dan is the pilot in his RV-4.  This was filmed from our home air park in FL. See HERE for more information

Engine Weight and the 5th Bearing

We offer a crank service as a courtesy to our 5th bearing customers.  We have, in the past, had requests to have builders’ cranks serviced minus the 5th bearing installation.  We do not support this process and here is why: We do believe a Corvair flight engine should have a 5th bearing installed – this […]

FlyCorvair Panther Engine Info

Here is a link to William Wynne’s blog site.  WW and crew have been amazing in getting the Panther engine up and running.  See his blog update here:

New 4340 billet crankshaft installed in the Panther engine

The original Panther engine was installed with a serviced stock GM crankshaft.  This is what was on display at Oshkosh.  Since then we have disassembled the engine and installed the NEW, made in the USA, 4340 billet crankshaft with the single piece 5th bearing journal.  The 5th bearing journal is welded to the crankshaft gear and pressed onto the crankshaft.  […]