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Corvair Engine in a Box

The Super Quick Build Corvair now Available!  Now LOWER PRICING!

We have worked with William Wynne of and designed a full Corvair Engine In a Box solution, comprised of NEW parts and components from SPA and all of the Gold Conversion parts from FlyCorvair, for the builder who wants the advantage of one stop shopping.  This engine option gives you the best of the Corvair solution without the hassle of part gathering.

Be the Master Of Your Own Engine

Everything You Need to Run Your Engine

Highest Quality Corvair Parts on the Market

Multiple Displacement Options

90% of Parts are NEW

Personal, Hands On Assembly Assistance, Or Factory Assembled and Test Run Option

Payment Options Available – (50% deposit required to place order)

Over a Dozen Firewall Forward Configurations

See the list below for what is included.

Crating fee and freight delivery charged at delivery.

CV3603 – Corvair Carb Heat Box

The Air box for the Corvair engine is designed to provide a Carburetor heat valve and Air duct hose to carburetor adapter in one package.  The filtered air inlet is through the front 2.5 inch opening, the unfiltered carb heat is through the side 2 inch opening.  The 2.5 inch filtered air duct hose attaches to the flange on the air filter box mounted to the lower cowl.

There is a Panther specific air filter and box available separately from SPA.  Contact SPA for more information.

The Carb heat air duct hose is attached to the “heat muff” on the right-hand exhaust system.  The heat muff ends and clamps come with the basic exhaust system.  The shroud and flange must be fabricated by the builder.  Kit includes all hardware needed for assembly.

Hardware is included in this kit.

PLEASE NOTE – if you have a Zenith 601, 650 or 750 and a Cowling Kit from JSWeseman you DO NOT need this.

Corvair Engine Assembly Manual by SPA LLC

The Corvair Step-by-Step Assembly Guide – by SPA LLC.

This is a full size, full color, professionally bound, 220 page manual with step by step instructions on how to assemble your engine.  Requires purchase of the FlyCorvair Conversion Manual (this manual does not replace the Conversion Manual – you must have both), or previous purchase verified.  Please enter your Conversion Manual SN in the comments field when purchasing, or click link to purchase now.



Panther Completion – Tom Kodey from Port Orange, FL 1 comment

Tom Kodey from Port Orange, FL received his certificate today for his Panther LS.  Tom has Panther SN 104 and started his Panther building project in late 2018.  He built his Panther airframe and Corvair 3.3L powerplant – and is now ready to take to the skies.  The Corvair engine Tom built is the stroker […]

Corvair 3.3L Jump Start Kit

The Corvair 3.3L Now Available.

The Corvair 3.3L is a stroked version of the proven Corvair conversion.  The 3.3L has been dynomometer tested and output results are 119HP @ 2800 RPM and 125 HP @ 3300 RPM.

The crankshaft is machined, in the US, from US 4130 Timken Steel.  The pistons are our custom design made by the same manufacturer we have been using for years for the 3.0L and 2775 pistons.  The connecting rods are a custom setup, and the case and cam are modified for proper clearance.

The heart of this engine is the new, billet, made in America crankshaft.  A standard Corvair has a 3.437″ bore and a 2.940″ stroke, yielding a 2.7 Liter displacement.  Increasing the bore to 3.620″ with larger pistons and cylinders increases the displacement to 3.0 Liters.  When that is combined with increasing the stroke by .312″ with a new crankshaft, the displacement becomes 3.3 Liters.  Externally, the engine remains the same size as all the Corvairs, but it is actually substantially lighter because the new crankshaft is lighter than the original GM crank, as are the new cylinders.

The Corvair 3.3L Jump Start kit is a rotating assembly and includes all of the components listed below.  Included is the bottom end assembled –  from the front hub to the harmonic balancer.

See the list below for what is included.

Crating fee and freight delivery charged at delivery.

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What is it? We received an unsolicited email from our bank, CHASE, which explained a grant program. Normally we wouldn’t have even read it, but something about the header of “Mission Main Street” caught our eye. It is targeted toward small business owners who are involved in the community. So we read their website and […]

Sensenich Ground Adjustable Corvair Propeller

Improve your performance of your Corvair engine and aircraft with the Sensenich Ground Adjustable propeller.

This prop is a great addition to your Corvair powered aircraft.  We have a high power and a low power option to accommodate any aircraft that can swing a 60″ propeller and larger:

High Pitch – Panther LS, Zenith 601, 650

Low Pitch – 750 STOL and Cruzer

Not sure of pitch?  Use the text box below and we will call you to discuss further.

EAA Airventure OSHKOSH 2018 Show Specials

Airventure is almost here and we have some specials to offer.  Order now through August 3rd and take advantage of the SPA Oshkosh Specials: Place your order online or call our office @ 904.626.7777 x404 to place your order.  Online orders will show original pricing, choose Pay By Check and we will send you an invoice reflecting the […]

Panther Price Increase Coming + Sun ‘N Fun Show Specials

We strive to improve our products, manufacturing processes and productivity, and have implemented processes and procedures that have allowed us to become more efficient and productive.  One thing we cannot control is inflation and increases in material costs.   Because of this we are implementing pricing increases to our Panther kits.  As a courtesy to all […]