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Power is Back ON!

Our power is back on!  We will be all back in the shop tomorrow.  No damage to anything at the shop, so all is good! Thank you to all of our customers who have been patient with us while we were out of power because of hurricane Irma.  We appreciate your support! – Team SPA

Update – Hurricane Irma

Hello all, We are still without power at our shop – so we are not going to be open today.  We will check again this afternoon.  As soon as we have power we will be back at the shop working.  Please be patient with us as we work through this. Best regards, -Team SPA

Update – Hurricane Irma

We are all just fine!  We have had a lot of rain, standing water and limbs down.  No damage!  We are all very blessed.  We do not have power at any of our homes, and there is a curfew until 8 PM today. Thank you all for your well wishes, and our thoughts and prayers […]

Possible Delayed Response Time – Hurricane Irma

Hello all, As we are preparing for hurricane Irma we wanted to apologize for any delayed response times.  At this time we will be open through Friday, however our staff will be diminished as we have told our crews to tend to family matters and safety first.  We expect to be closed on Monday, and re-open on […]

EAA Airventure OSH 2017 – Update

We are having a great turn out at OSH.  The attendance seems to be way up – there are people everywhere!  And airplanes everywhere!  The camping area is completely full, all the way to the highway.  I have never, in the last 6 years of coming here, seen it this busy.  The weather is great, […]