EAA Airventure OSH 2017 – Update

We are having a great turn out at OSH.  The attendance seems to be way up – there are people everywhere!  And airplanes everywhere!  The camping area is completely full, all the way to the highway.  I have never, in the last 6 years of coming here, seen it this busy.  The weather is great, everyone seems to be having a great time and things are going great.

We have 5 Panthers in the booth this year!  Paul Salter brought his Corvair powered Panther LS up in his trailer.  We brought Buddy Henson’s Panther LS Tri-Gear up, with the O-320 in it.  (Thank you Buddy!!)

Sean Sullivan has his Panther LS with the ) O-235 from Forth Worth, TX.

Cody Abner with his Panther LS Jabiru 3300, Fort Worth, TX.

Ben Krotje flew his Panther LS with the Jabiru 3300 in, freshly painted, from Shelbyville, TN.

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