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Panther #14 is Ready for Flight!

John Steere of Martinsville, Indiana has just sent us a note about getting his “pink slip” for his Panther LS N39DZ.  John’s Panther LS is SN039 and is powered by a Corvair 3.0L engine from FlyCorvair.  John assembled his Corvair engine on his own, following the William Wynne with’s guidelines and conversion components.  He opted for the 3.0L package we offer for Corvair conversion, along with all of the other Panther airframe firewall forward components.

His panel is outfitted with  GRT Sport SX 8.4 along with auto-pilot, the GRT EIS system and a Flight Line FL-760 Radio.  This is a popular package we offer to our builders that works well with the multiple engine choices we support.  We have specific EIS options based on the builders engine choice.

John’s propeller is a Sensenich Ground Adjustable composite 2 blade.  We worked directly with Sensenich to develop this prop specifically for the Corvair application and have tested the configuration extensively with their engineers and on the Panther Corvair prototype airframe.  You can see more about this here. 

Here is the note from John:


I’m happy to announce that N39DZ is now officially an airplane.

My log posting about this is at

Use it in any way that you find helpful.

Thanks to  you and Dan for all your support through the very enjoyable journey.

Best regards.


Congratulations John!  We are happy for you and wish you the best.

Here are some photos below.  You can click the link to see all of John’s builder record.

John Steere’s Panther SN0039 N39DZ

John Steere’s Panther SN0039 N39DZ

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