John Steere’s Panther LS N39DZ – Successful Maiden Flight!

John Steere of Martinsville, IN is the lucky number 13th Panther to take to the skies!  Congrats John!

John’s Panther LS is powered by a Corvair 3.0L and a Sensenich Ground Adjustable propeller.

John sent this note and photo over:

“On August 1, 2017, at 9:39 AM, after praying for wisdom and skill, Panther SN # 039 took off for the first time. The flight went well; the engine performed perfectly, the handling was crisp and positive, stalls were straight ahead, and she felt solid, not twitchy.

I had been concerned about engine temperatures because I couldn’t run at full power on the ground for more than one minute and 20 seconds without hitting the CHT redline of 425°. Both Dan and I suspected that it would be OK in flight when the airspeed provided more flow through the cowling.  That proved to be true.  After climbing to 3000 feet at full power, the highest CHT was 376°, the highest EGT was 1202°, and the oil temperature was 218°. EXCELLENT results!!!

Two more flights have been completed, and after working through a short punch list developed from the first two flights, I’m finding that I really like this airplane. For its diminutive size, it is surprisingly stable, solid, and precise. The controls are quick, but positive. Even down at 65 mph, it feels solid and comfortable. GREAT JOB Dan, Rachel, and crew!!!”

– John Steere

John did a meticulous job documenting his build, you can read about it here:  John Steere’s Panther Build Log

Congratulations John.  We are very happy for you and look forward to seeing your plane at Oshkosh next year in the Panther parking row!

John Steere and his Corvair 3.0L powered Panther LS SN039 from Martinsville, IN.

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