Larry Vetterman’s Panther N27EG – Successful Maiden Flight!

Larry Vetterman sent in a note about his Panther LS first flight.  Here is what Larry had to say:

“N27EG flew at 7:30 this am.  Finally clear skies and no 20 mph crosswind.  No wheel pants and rear fairing yet……..No wing heavy situation, both fuel tanks feed, no leaks etc.  I have 3000 hrs + in an RV -4 and this is quite a bit more sensitive than the -4.  It’s more like the -3 which makes sense.  Of course the first flight is the big one.  Now further testing will get much more numbers and a feel for it.  Very impressive plane.  This first flight was enjoyable once it got airborne.  Can’t wait to put it through the paces.”

– Larry v.

Congratulations Larry!  We are so happy for you, and are looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing some in flight photos.  We love the paint job!

Larry’s Panther is the 12th Panther to take flight.  See all the other Panther Completions here.

Larry Vetterman’s Panther LS with a Lycoming O-320.

Here is a photo of Larry at the Sebring show last year with the Panther prototype.

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