Mark Dean’s Panther LS Flies! 1 comment

Panther builder Mark Dean, from New Zealand, has been flying his Panther LS since July 2017.  (Yes, it apparently takes a few months for news from the “down under” to reach us all the way over here;-).  Congratulations Mark!  We are happy for you!

Here is a note from Mark:

“My Panther first flew mid July, I have about 12 hrs on PMD now.  I have installed a O-320 B2C 160hp with a 68 x 69 inch prop.  Performance is very good with around 2000 fpm climb and 160 knts at 2500 rpm( running at that until oil use stabilizes).  The aircraft is such a delight to fly – light on the controls and love the manual flap setup!  Easy to land, I all ways use the seal at home. Nice, roomy and comfortable cockpit with great visibility. Thanks Guy for supplying such a user friendly kit (building and flying).  In essence, to me, an evolved RV3.”

Here are some photos he sent over.

Mark Dean and his Panther LS from New Zealand.

Congrats, again, Mark!  What a nice looking plane.  We are very happy for you.  Safe flying!

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