Mother’s Day Update

Flight testing is going well, we are pushing 20 hours in flight.  The prop testing this week has not gone as expected.   The current prop we have on the Panther is a Tennessee Propeller 62″ by 48 pitch and is running approximately 200 rpm lower than the Corvair’s expected 2850.  We are working closely with Tennessee Propeller to dial in the prop without giving up too much.  Dan reached out to the amazing Corvair community and was not surprised to have a number of offers for prop lending that he is going to take a few members up on.  Thank you to the Corvair Community!!

This week will hold more flight testing and prepping for paint.  We have decided to have the Panther professionally painted by a well-known custom car shop in town here using the Sherwin-Williams professional automotive paint.  We are still on target for releasing tail kits by Oshkosh.

I have posted an About Team Panther page.  The goal for this page is to give you all a little insight into the personal and professional lives of all the members of Team Panther.  You can see it HERE.

Today is a very special day for Dan and I, when we get a chance to tell the wonderful mother’s we have how grateful we are for them and how much we love them.  Dan and I are both blessed with mothers who are kind, gentle, caring, giving and supportive of our whole family.

Rachel and the Boys

Rachel and the Boys

To me being a mother brings to mind a storm-full of emotions.  The most profound are the deep-rooted, unconditional love that never ends.  Along with a ferocious protectiveness that knows no bounds.  Motherhood is something that is learned by your childhood experience and also about a deep-within instinct that you feel in your gut.  It is the most important and most challenging job I will ever have, and also the most rewarding.

So on this day, I am grateful for my mother and my mother-in-law and mostly I am grateful to be blessed with my wonderful three children that I share with an amazing father and husband.

– Rachel

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0 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Update

  • Dan Branstrom

    Rachel, Happy Mother’s Day.
    With all the testosterone around you, I hope they did some things special for you to show their appreciation for your femininity.

    The best thing that I can say about you as a mother is that you’ve apparently done a good job making your sons a real part of the family by including them in the work you and Dan do.

    Again, Happy Mother’s Day

    Dan Branstrom

    • flypanther

      Thank you Dan! Yes, Dan and boys made the entire day about me and it was great. The testosterone level remained at an all time high but we both spent times with our precious moms and it was an awesome day.

  • Jack L.Jackson

    Happy Mothers Day Rachel,
    One of the awesome things about this whole project is that it is a family project. Everyone is included. It takes some special glue to hold that together. You folks have a great family and Your boys are a testimoney to the good job you are doing raising them..

  • Bill Hertel

    Happy Mothers Day! What a fine looking bunch! I can see why you are so very proud, I love to see the lads at work on the project, I am sure it will benefit them greatly as they become men. All the best Bill H (2 lovely girls)