Mark Dean’s Panther LS Flies! 1 comment

Panther builder Mark Dean, from New Zealand, has been flying his Panther LS since July 2017.  (Yes, it apparently takes a few months for news from the “down under” to reach us all the way over here;-).  Congratulations Mark!  We are happy for you! Here is a note from Mark: “My Panther first flew mid […]

Come See Us @ DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase

Sport Performance Aviation LLC will be @ the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase today, Nov. 2nd thru Saturday Nov. 4th. Stop by the booth and get a free calendar full of great photos of our Panther builder’s projects. You can also pickup a Corvair Engine Assembly Manual – Show special = $100. Come try a Panther […]

Lightning Panther Builders First Flight In Depth Report 2 comments

Here is the EAA Smilin’ Jack Chapter 866 President Les Boatright’s Panther LS SN083 N866BR First Flight in depth report.  This write up is part of their EAA Chapter Monthly Newsletter.  This Panther LS is powered by a Lycoming O-235 and a Sensenich propeller.  The builders are Bob Rychel, Ed Brennan and Les Boatright from […]

Titusville, FL Lightning Panther Build Team – Maiden Flight a Success!

The Lightning Panther Build Team from Titusville, FL had a successful maiden flight over the weekend.  Congrats to Bob Rychel, Ed Brennan and Les Boatright! This team of guys have been excited about this project from the very beginning.  They really did a great job, not just on the airplane, but on being a great […]

Power is Back ON!

Our power is back on!  We will be all back in the shop tomorrow.  No damage to anything at the shop, so all is good! Thank you to all of our customers who have been patient with us while we were out of power because of hurricane Irma.  We appreciate your support! – Team SPA

Update – Hurricane Irma

Hello all, We are still without power at our shop – so we are not going to be open today.  We will check again this afternoon.  As soon as we have power we will be back at the shop working.  Please be patient with us as we work through this. Best regards, -Team SPA

Update – Hurricane Irma

We are all just fine!  We have had a lot of rain, standing water and limbs down.  No damage!  We are all very blessed.  We do not have power at any of our homes, and there is a curfew until 8 PM today. Thank you all for your well wishes, and our thoughts and prayers […]

Possible Delayed Response Time – Hurricane Irma

Hello all, As we are preparing for hurricane Irma we wanted to apologize for any delayed response times.  At this time we will be open through Friday, however our staff will be diminished as we have told our crews to tend to family matters and safety first.  We expect to be closed on Monday, and re-open on […]

Ultimate Corvair Engine Assembly Guide – Now Available

We have officially released the Corvair Engine Assembly Manual – and folks, it is a must have. Here is what you get: Full size, full color, professionally bound, 242 pages Engine prep Tools needed Sealants needed Step by step, in order instructions Check boxes to keep track of your progress Full description of step-by-step instructions […]

Panther Building Record – 228 Days to Completion!

Got a note from our builders in Titusville, FL about their Panther build.  Here is what they said: “Greetings Dan & Rachel, Panther S/N 083 is now officially known as N866BR and has an official FAA Airworthiness Certificate!!! I make that out to be 228 days from Kit delivery/pick-up at SPA to achieving FAA Airworthiness […]

Jimmy Miller’s Panther Sport – Maiden Flight Success!

Jimmy Miller’s Panther Sport is the 14th Panther to take it’s first flights.  Congrats, Jimmy!  What a great looking airplane.  Jimmy lives in Wilmington, NC and his Panther is powered by a Lycoming O-320 and a 3 blade Catto propeller. Here is a note and photo from Jimmy: “Hello all, as I set on my […]

John Steere’s Panther LS N39DZ – Successful Maiden Flight!

John Steere of Martinsville, IN is the lucky number 13th Panther to take to the skies!  Congrats John! John’s Panther LS is powered by a Corvair 3.0L and a Sensenich Ground Adjustable propeller. John sent this note and photo over: “On August 1, 2017, at 9:39 AM, after praying for wisdom and skill, Panther SN […]

EAA Airventure OSH 2017 – Update 1 comment

Ben Krotje flew his Panther LS in with fresh paint on Monday morning.  We were very excited to see the new paint job!  Ben was secretive about his paint, so we were very excited to see the final product roll into the booth after landing.  We were not disappointed!  Check out the photos I shot […]

EAA Airventure OSH 2017 – Update

We are having a great turn out at OSH.  The attendance seems to be way up – there are people everywhere!  And airplanes everywhere!  The camping area is completely full, all the way to the highway.  I have never, in the last 6 years of coming here, seen it this busy.  The weather is great, […]