Panther First Flight – Sean Sullivan SN048 1 comment

Sean Sullivan from Fort Worth, TX just sent an email about his successful maiden flight of his Panther LS powered by a Lycoming O-235 and Sensenich propeller.  Here is what he had to say in his email to us and on Facebook…(click to see more info about his build) “The first flight of N485PA was […]

Panther Builder Progress Report

We now have 86 production Panther builders across the globe.  We love hearing from our builders about their progress and seeing photos of their Panther builds.  Here are a few notes sent in from our builders.  Keep reading, you won’t want to miss this…. Buddy Henson – Panther SN075 – Green Cove Springs, FL Buddy […]

Panther Building @ Lightning Speeds

We have always had great feed back from our builders about how well our parts go together and how quickly the builders are making progress.  This is always great to hear and we know how encouraging it can be to a home builder when they are making real, tangible and visible progress on their projects. […]

Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Here is one of our favorite photos of the year.  This is a photo of Stephen Pedano’s Panther LS at OSH 2016 Night Air Show.  Thank you Ed Hicks, Flyer Magazine. This year has been a wonderful year for SPA.  We have grown older, wiser, and more grateful for our customers, […]

Merry Christmas from SPA!

We are very grateful for our family and friends, especially during this special season.  We know there are many of us who cannot spend the holiday season with their loved ones, and some are with us only in spirit.  Thank you to those who are protecting us in the military here, and abroad and wish […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 11

Our 11th day of Christmas our Brothers from Down Under send sunny greetings.  Builder Frank Edwards, Panther SN019, is from NSW Australia.  He sent a quick note, with a couple of photos. “The part I love about building the Panther is the quality of the manufacture and your overall service, so whatever you guys are […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 10

Andrew Shorter sent us a couple of photos of his progress on his Panther LS SN033.  He and his family live in New Bern, NC.  He is powering his Panther with a Corvair 3.0L that he assembled himself.  He attended the Corvair College last year in Barnwell, SC where he finished his assembly and test […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 9

Hello fellow aviation friends.  Today we are sharing a photo from builder Sean Sullivan from Fort Worth, TX.  He has Panther SN048 and he powering his Panther with a Lycoming O-235. Here is a quick note from Sean: “I hope you and Dan are having a fantastic holiday season so far! I don’t have any […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 8

Here is an quick update from Panther builder Jimmy Miller from Wilmington, NC.  He has Panther SN071 and is powering it with a Lycoming O-320. “Hi Rachel, I don’t have a lot to show at this time as I am building a new hanger along with the Panther. As far as getting into the Christmas […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 7

Builder Tim O’Laughlin and his wonderful wife Peggy have been busy on their Panther.  Tim and Peggy have a hangar at Haller Airpark and Tim flies his RV4 on a regular basis.  Tim is a retired Navy A6 and A7 pilot,  and later an Airline Captain.  He is going to use a rebuilt Lycoming O-320 […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 6 1 comment

Builder and flyer Tony Spicer from Wilmington, NC has been flying his Panther for a few months now.  Tony was one of our “Beta” builders – helping us develop the instructions and assembly procedures as well as any part modifications that needed to be done. Tony’s Panther is powered by a Jabiru 3300 and a Whirlwind […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 5

Panther builder and flyer Benjamin Krotje, SN007, sent us this photo of him flying his Jabiru 3300 powered Panther.  Benjamin and his wife Katie live in Shelbyville, TN. Ben is very happy with his Panther and says “It climbs like a rocket, sounds awesome, and with the Jabiru it only weighs a hair over 700 […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 4

Here is a photo from builder Stephen Leverett, SN063, from Portland, OR.  Stephen is originally from Michigan, a graduate from University of Michigan, and is an engineer/programmer for Intel.  He is building his Panther in a garage that he rented from someone who wasn’t using the space.  He started with the tail kit to make sure […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 3

Here are some photos from Panther builder SN059 Ryan Fiscus from Fort Worth, TX.  Ryan is a first time builder and he has been enjoying his Panther building process! Here is what Ryan has to say about his build: “I don’t have too many photos of “me and the panther” but here are a few […]

12 Days of Panther Christmas – Day 2

On our second day of Christmas our true love gave to me – Two Turtle Doves and a Panther in a the Mountains for Me! Check out this amazing shot of Will Mensink’s Panther with the mountains in the background. Will’s Panther is one of my personal favorites – mostly because it reminds me of my first […]