Panther Builder #100 – Meet Jon Farley from Albuquerque, New Mexico 1 comment

That is right!  We now have 100 Panther builders!  What a wonderful compliment for Team SPA!!

What is an even greater accomplishment is that we not only have 18 Panthers flying, but our builders are successfully building and flying their Panthers in record time.  Our builders have been working on their Panthers – not just buying the kit and letting it sit in their garage. One reason for this is how quickly they see progress with only a short amount of time.  We all know that when you see progress, it is motivating.  It makes you want to see more – it becomes addictive and makes you happy because you can physically see your accomplishments.  Builders all over are working a few hours, here and there when time permits, and standing back to admire the fact that they can see progress.  Motivation on a project is the number one ingredient in the recipe for reaching the end goal.

Our builders agree – the Panther delivers.

Jon Farley from Albuquerque, NM is standing below in front of Benjamin Krotje’s Jabiru 3300 powered Panther LS at Sun ‘N Fun 2018, where he put his deposit down on his Panther Sport kit.  He is Panther builder SN100!  His tail kit shipped out to him, UPS Ground, yesterday.  So within 2 business days of purchase – his tail kit is on its way to him.  The remainder of his kit will be on its way in approximately 8-10 weeks.

If you are considering making your dream of flying a Panther come true – you can start within a week.  What are you waiting for?  See our show specials HERE and call with any questions – 904.626.7777 x402

Jon Farley Panther Builder SN100 @ SNF 2018

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