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Sam Kite from Telford, TN flew his Panther LS powered by the UL Power 520iS.  This is the first UL powered Panther to take to the skies and the performance is great.  His first flight was August 16th.  Here is what Sam had to say:

“First flight was today.  Very impressive.

These are some of the modifications on the Panther:

200 hp UL Power
Airmaster constant speed prop
10 “ Skyview, with autopilot 
ADS-b complaint, in and out
Custom carbon fiber cowling
Electric trim
Electric flaps
Landing lights
Vynil wrap trim
And probably a few more.

The plane flew perfect, very fast, numbers to come later, sounds awesome 
Can’t wait to build a Two place Courgar.

Gong to be smiling for a long time.
See the plane at Sun N Fun.

Sam Kite

See more info on our forum here.

Sam Kite from Telford, TN First flight – UL Power 520 powered Panther LS

Congrats Sam!  We are very happy for you.

-Team SPA

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