Panther First Flight – Steve Chapman SN055 from Western Australia

We got a note from Steve Chapman from Western Australia this morning – His Panther Sport took her maiden flight.  Here is what he said:

“Hi Rachel,

There has been rumors for many years of sightings of a Panther in the forests in the south of Western Australia.

 It had supposedly escaped from a travelling circus.

 I can now confirm that there is a Panther in Australia as it was a sighting of a Panther Sport, Serial Number 55, high tailing it down runway 05 at the Serpentine Airport (YSEN) on the 30th of May.

 It was a very short flight as the Propeller was set too coarse. After resetting the Propeller took it up again and it flew beautifully, straight and level and no need to adjust anything.

 Will post more as we get more results in the test flying stage.



 PS:- Panther grins are bigger than RV grins.”

Congrats from all of Team SPA – we are very happy for you!

Steve Chapman’s Panther Sport SN055 from Western Australia

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