Panther First Flight Test – Success!!

We took the Panther back down to our local public airport this morning for the first test flight – and it was amazing!  The weather was super calm and clear, we couldn’t have asked for better conditions for a test flight. The Panther team pulled together and we all knew it was time for business.  Dan was well rested and ready, his head was in the game.  We had our on site engineer, Paul Salter, double checking everything.  Bob Woolley was our chase plane and he flew in just before the Panther and Panther cave rolled into the airport gate.  Chris Smith rode in the back of Bob Woolley’s RV-4 and handled the air-to-air photos.  Mike and Michelle Schwab drove up from Corvair College in Leesburg, FL for emergency services as they are both trained professionals in the field.  Hans Mankinen covered fire safety duty.  I shot the ground video and photos. The flight was about 20 minutes in length, and things went very well.  No issues with controls, performance or handling.  But the photos and video speak for themselves.  As you can see we were very happy with the results. Pictures are below – click to open into a slide show format for optimum viewing. Video Link is below the photos.  Don’t forget – Sun’NFun booth N-057!  Hope to see you there!

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0 thoughts on “Panther First Flight Test – Success!!

  • Darren Barnfield

    Well done Team, bloody awesome effort. Hope to see you and the panther at Airventure 2013. Al the best from Melbourne Australia

  • Dan Branstrom

    CONGRATULATIONS Dan and Rachel!!!
    You have every right to be proud.
    Now you get to do more work. More test flying and Sun ‘N Fun. Tweaking and selling come after.

  • Jack L.Jackson

    Congratulations Dan and Rachel!!!!!!! You’ve been waiting to see this for quite a while. I know this is going to be a highly desireable kit Aircraft.. You have done well

  • Greg Crouchley

    Dan and Rachel, watching you two dream, learn, design, build, and then fly this craft is truly motivational. That you did it together, truly inspirational! Congratulations!!

    • flypanther

      Thank you Greg – you are such a great friend, and we are thankful to know you. Sharing this success with people like you, who are enthusiastic, is great! Sorry I missed you at CC, but look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Dale Williams

    Such a professional effort from the beginning through the first flight! I remember when Dan was dreaming and drawing on napkins in a restaurant parking lot. 8~)

    Congratulations on a large milestone in the development of a fine aircraft. It takes a team … and all involved have proven to be a great one!


    PS: You know your Panther is beautiful … right?

  • Tom Griesemer

    Congratulations to you, Rachael and the rest of your team. Looking forward to chatting with you again at Sun n Fun later this week. Great job. Tom G.

  • Harold Bickford

    A great effort Dan and Rachel. As you said, teamwork. The video shows the Panther to be a good performer. The hands-off sequence indicated good trim and stability characteristics. I’m glad to see all the progress made from Oshkosh last summer. I’ll look forward to seeing everyone and five one five x-ray poppa at Oshkosh.

  • Bill utt

    Have been following your progress and must say that Cat is beautiful.Congrats!!
    Hope to see close up at Air Venture
    Bill Utt

  • Lisa Weseman

    So proud of you both. We wish we could have been there to see it, but you did a phenomenal job with the video. Now we have to finish SOLO so we can make the sequel in the Panther! 😉 Congratulations! Love, Lex and Lisa