Panther Receives Approval Letter from NKET Team – Being added to the 51% List

We are excited to announce that we have received the official letter from NKET that states that the Panther is being added to the Listing of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits (Kit List) located on the FAA website.

This inspection included all models and upgrade options available at this time from SPA.

  • Panther LS – Tail Dragger
  • Panther LS – Tri-Gear
  • Panther Sport – Tail Dragger
  • Panther Sport – Tri-Gear
  • Factory Built Main Wing Spars
  • Factory Bonded Canopy Upgrade
  • Factory Built Fuel Tanks

So any and all options within this combination listed above are covered by the approval letter.  Here is a link to the evaluation approval letter and the checklist.


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