Panther Second Taxi – with Lift

Today Team Panther trailer-ed Panther N515XP down for what hoped would be the first flight.  We knew the morning would be good weather, but that a system was going to roll in by the afternoon.

Dan and Paul  simply folded the wings, quick disconnected the fuel lines and rolled the Panther into our standard car/Panther hauler.

PantherTrailerFront PantherTrailerBack

Mother nature deterred the first flight, but we did get a good, solid few runs down the long runway at our local public airport, along with a little lift under the wings.  After the test taxi we folded the wings back up and took the Panther back home.  There is a two-day storm system running through, so it is looking like Friday will be the next available test flight day.  See below for some pictures (double-click to go into full screen mode) , and at the bottom another fun video clip (click the diagonal arrows to go to full screen)..

Thank you to all of the Team Panther members for making this happen – you guys are awesome!!


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