Panther Takes Flight – Tim Benham from Enid, OK

Tim Benham from Enid, OK has been flying his Lycoming YAEIO-233 powered Panther and sent this note and photos over.  He has Panther SN030 and has the Sensenich Ground Adjustable propeller installed.

“The inflight photo is the Panther keeping up with a Cessna 210 at 8,500 feet.  It is a sweet plane and really performs well, inverted or right side up with the Lycoming YAEIO-233 engine and the inverted oil and fuel system.  We are still working out the bugs on the smoke system but it looks promising.  Thank you for your support and such a great aircraft kit. “


– Tim Benham, Panther SN030, Enid OK

Tim Benham’s Lycoming YAEIO-233 Powered Panther

Congratulations Tim!  We are very happy for you.  Keep up the great work!

  • Team SPA

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