Panthers Have Wing Spars! 9 comments

Panther wing spar kits have shipped!

We are running behind our projected schedule, but the quality of the parts is top notch and we are hoping the builders think it was worth the wait.  We shall see!

We ship our wing spar kits along with the upper and lower longerons, the wing slider tubes, and elevator push rod tubes together to keep all the really long pieces together in one crate.  The wing spar crate is made of wood and is 12.5′ long, by 14″ wide, by 8″ tall, and weighs in around 170 lbs.  It contains all the spar plates, caps and webs, along with the rear spar channels and stiffeners, and the wing spar bushings and spacers.

Spar Crates Ready to Ship

Spar Crates Ready to Ship – Note the wings on the Panther folded for some more room in the hangar (we designed it that way 😉

Dan has designed a slightly different version of the rivet squeezer that Tony Spicer developed.  Tony’s design was ingenious – so Dan took it one step further!  This one is designed to withhold multiple usage and shipping from builder to builder.  This version also requires less height adjustment from plate to plate.  Tony’s is a great DIY for the individual – but this one is designed for production, and also costs more to build.

SPA Spar Squeezer

SPA Spar Squeezer

Here are some photos of Panther Builder Buddy Henson and how he did an expert job at marking his spars for assembly.

Buddy used multiple different sharpie markers to mark where bolts, screws and NO DRILLING was needed.  Easy visual to help you do it right the first time.

Buddy used multi-colored sharpie markers to note where bolts, screws and NO DRILLING was needed. Easy visual to help you do it right the first time.


How Buddy built his wing spar fixture for skinning the wings.

Here is a video of the rivet squeezer in action with Panther builder Buddy Henson at his hangar.  We apologize for the constant auto focus squeaky sounds – Santa has Rachel’s request for a new lens.  (The cat knocked it off her desk and left it noisy.)

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9 thoughts on “Panthers Have Wing Spars!

  • joe

    Anyone complains I will send my NYC bruisers. You will have to shell out for travel and a Pasta stipend.
    Keeping with my NYC macho and small brain. When I set the 3/16 rivets for the Sprint spar I used the Masher (1 ton arbor press). The rivet was laid down on the anvil so the weight was on the head. The lever was used to keep the head steady. Then POW POW POW with a hammer, Your way is better but there is no anxiety release. Yes it was inspected and passed.

    • flypanther

      Always good for a good laugh! Thanks Joe – Pasta and travel covered if I hear any back lash. Although – I have to say the noise personally drives me crazy! Yes – the physical aspect of beating a rivet into submission is a great release, hoever this method will be the preferred – I am sure. Builders will simply have to find a different release – like flying the Panther when they are done!