Build your GRT Avionics Package

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Build your GRT Avionics Package!  The latest technology brought to you by GRT offers the most features of any glass-cockpit EFIS in it’s price range.  See it featured in the Panther prototype.

Choose your EFIS System, add your options and then Choose Your EIS depending on the Engine of your Choice.

The GRT Mini-X is the perfect solution for Panther builders who want an easy, bright, lightweight flight instrument with a lot of features for their money. The Mini-X uses actual pitot-static data for its airspeed, altimeter and VSI calculations– unlike other EFIS units of its size, which generally use GPS information for speed and altitude. It has an optional remote magnetometer for magnetic heading and optional moving map software with detailed terrain. Internal GPS is  standard, giving the Mini-X independent navigation capability and subscription-free airport/facilities information for all the airports in the U.S. Best of all, it comes standard with synthetic vision 3D terrain & PFD navigation features. With its internal high-integrity aerobatic AHRS attitude sensor, installation is simple and straightforward. If you’re planning on cross-country flying, the Mini-X also includes integrated 2-axis autopilot software that can be utilized at any time by adding a pair of GRT servos.

For a bigger screen with the capability to display engine and environmental information from the EIS in a color, easy-to-read format, the GRT Sport SX is the answer. The Sport can do all that the Mini-X can do, plus it has the option for vertical autopilot guidance, 5 serial ports instead of 2 for connecting to your transponder, radio, servos, and other devices, and the ability to display weather and traffic information using ADS-B, XM, and TIS services. The Sport’s large 8.4″ screen fits the Panther panel like a  glove, as you can see in the Panther prototype.

Pair either with the Grand Rapids EIS Electronic Engine Monitor

  • Monitor all engine parameters, all the time
  • Probe packages available for Corvair, Jabiru, Lycoming, UL Power, and more
  • Over 23,000 units flying worldwide!
  • Full-color graphic display when paired with a GRT Sport or Horizon EFIS





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