The vertical stab added to give it a more finished look, it isn't mounted yet, but looking good!Almost done - just do the robot stuff now.  Drill the tail wheel socket, debur, dimple and rivet!  A few bushings and voila!  Ready to bolt to the forward fuselage!Slide on the turtle deck, and finishing stiffeners.DSC_0238Cleco in the pre-formed stiffenersAssemble the bulkheads - just cleco together

Panther Aft Fuselage Kit


The Panther Aft Fuselage kit contains the tail cone sheet metal components. Sheet metal parts are match-tooled. This includes the welded tail wheel socket powder coated in a light grey color. This ships UPS Ground  Shipping costs are not included, we will contact you for the shipping arrangements.


Product Description

 The Panther Aft Fuselage Sub-Kit – P6000 Series

The kit will included the following sheet metal and weldments.  Weldments are powder coated in a light grey color:

Bulkhead Preformed Part Number Qty
Channels/Bulkheads – P6100 Series
P-F-TC-pushrod cover top-PA.020-q1 P6101 1
P-F-TC-pushrod cover side-PA.020-R-q1 P6102 1
P-F-TC-pushrod cover side-PA.020-L-q1 P6103 1
P-F-TC-stiffener1-PA.020-R-q1 P6104 2
P-F-TC-stiffener2-PA.020-R-q1 P6106 1
P-F-TC-stiffener2-PA.020-L-q1 P6107 1
P-F-TC-stiffener3-PA.020-R-q1 P6108 1
P-F-TC-stiffener3-PA.020-L-q1 P6109 1
P-F-TC-stiffener4-PA.020-R-q1 P6110 1
P-F-TC-stiffener4-PA.020-L-q1 P6111 1
P-F-TC-bh 1 center-PA.025-q1 P6112 1
P-F-TC-bh 1 sides-PA.025-R-q1 P6113 1
P-F-TC-bh 1 sides-PA.025-L-q1 P6114 1
P-F-TC-bh 1 upper-PA.025-q1 P6115 1
P-F-TC-bh 1 lower-PA.025-q1 P6116 1
P-F-TC-bh 2 sides-PA.025-R-q1 P6117 1
P-F-TC-bh 2 sides-PA.025-L-q1 P6118 1
P-F-TC-bh 2 upper-PA.025-q1 P6119 1
P-F-TC-bh 2 lower-PA.025-q1 P6120 1
P-F-TC-bh 3-PA.025-q1 P6121 1
P-F-TC-bh 4 center-PA.032-q1 P6122 1
P-F-TC-bh 5 center-PA.032-q1 P6123 1
P-F-TC-baggage stiffener 1-PA.020-q2 P6124 2
P-F-TC-baggage stiffener 2-PA.020-q2 P6125 2
Spars – P6200 Series
Ribs – P6300 Series
P-F-TC-former 1-PA.025-R-q1 P6301 1
P-F-TC-former 1-PA.025-L-q1 P6302 1
P-F-TC-former2-PA.020-R-q1 P6303 1
P-F-TC-former2-PA.020-L-q1 P6304 1
P-F-TC-former3-PA.020-R-q1 P6305 1
P-F-TC-former3-PA.020-L-q1 P6306 1
P-F-TC-former4-PA.025-q1 P6307 1
Skins – P6400 Series
Decomissioned P6401
P-F-TC-top fwd skin-PA.020-q2 P6402 2
P-F-TC-top skin-PA.020-q1 P6403 1
P-F-TC-skin-PA.020-R-q1 P6404 1
P-F-TC-skin-PA.020-L-q1 P6405 1
P-F-TC-skin bottom-PA.020-q1 P6406 1
P-F-TC-aft deck-PA.025-q1 P6407 1
Brackets/Gussets – P6500 Series
Decomissioned P6501 1
P-F-TC-aft H tail mount-A.25x3x4-R-q1 P6502 1
P-F-TC-aft H tail mount-A.25x3x4-L-q1 P6503 1
P-F-TC-bulkhead 3 reinforcement-A.25x3x4-R-q1 P6504 1
P-F-TC-bulkhead 3 reinforcement-A.25x3x4-L-q1 P6505 1
P-F-TC-VT upper mount-A.125x2x2-q1 P6506 1
P-F-TC-bulkhead 4 reinforcement-A.25x3x4-R-q1 P6507 1
P-F-TC-bulkhead 4 reinforcement-A.25x3x4-L-q1 P6508 1
P-F-TC-forward H tail mount-A.25x3x4-R-q1 P6509 1
P-F-TC-forward H tail mount-A.25x3x4-L-q1 P6510 1
P-F-TC-tailwheel mount spacer-q2 P6511 2
Weldments – P6600 Series
P-F-TC-tail wheel socket-WS-q1 P6601 1
P-F-TC-elevator push rod ends-WS-q2 P6602 2
Hardware – P6700 Series
Fiberglass – P6800 Series
P-T-TC-tail fairing – q1 P6801 1
Accessories/Tubing/Nylon/Misc. – P6900 Series
P-F-TC-E-push rod tube-1 1/2x.049×8′-q1 P6901 1
P-F-TC-longerons lower-CEA-RL1-q2 P6902 2
P-F-TC-longerons upper-A .125x1x1-99 13/16-RL1-q2 P6903 2
P-F-TC-nylon cable guides-q2 P6904 2


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