Panther Finishing Kit


The Panther finishing kit contains the all of the items listed below.  This ships truck freight.  Shipping costs are not included, we will contact you for the shipping arrangements.



 The Panther Finishing kit 

The kit will included the following.  Weldments are powder coated in a light grey color:

Brackets/Gussets – P8500 Series
P-F-Canopy Bow-A.1875-q1 P8501 1
P-F-Canopy Rear Latch Angle-A-q1 P8502 1
P-F-Canopy Sides-A-q2 P8503 2
P-F-Angle Bracket-A.2″x2″x1/8″-q4 (same as part P4505) P4505 2
P-F-Quick Release Mount-A-q1 P8505 1
P-F-Quick Release Handle-A-q1 P8506 1
P-F-Landing gear plate-q2 P8507 2
P-F-Canopy Skirt Attach Bracket-A.125-q2 P8508 2
P-F-rudder cable attach bracket-SS12ga-qty-2 P8509 2
P-F-Rudder Cable Inner Adjuster – q2 P8510 2
Fiberglass – 8800 Series
P-F-Canopy Skirt-q1 P8801 1
Weldments – 8600 Series
P-F-Wing Slider Tripod-WS-q2 P8601 2
P-F-Canopy Latch Inner Handle-WS-w1 P8602 1
P-F-Landing Gear Axle Adapter-q2 P8604 2
P-F-Wing Slider Univ Joint-WS-q2 P8605 2
P-F-Rudder Cable Adjuster Eyelet-q2 P8607 2
Hardware – 8700 series
P-F-Rudder Cable assembly-q2 P8701 2
Accessories/Tubing/Nylon/Misc. – P8900 Range
P-F-Canopy-q1 P8901 1
P-F-TD landing gear legs-A.75-q2 P8902 2
P-F-Canopy Latch Block-q1 P8905 1
P-F-Canopy Handle Pivot Block-3/4″-q1 P8906 1
P-F-Canopy Latch Outer Handle-A.50-Q1 P8907 1
P-F-Radius Blocks-q2 P8908 2


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