Sun’NFun Day 1

We are having a great crowd for the first day at Sun’NFun. Our booth location is in a great area. Generally speaking the first two days here are a little slow. The end of the week normally sees more traffic.
Today was fairly steady. We had quite a few people come through for two and three visits. We also had a few people ask things like “is that an RV3?”, “are these those parts made in the Czech Republic?” and “is that a Midget Mustang?”
We also got a great deal of people who loved the name “The Panther”!

The Panther is sporting some new vinyl graphics – thanks to our awesome graphics guy – Hans Mankinen. Thank you Hans!

The new awning on the Panther cave looked great. We mounted a flat screen tv on the side if the trailer to run the first flight video on a loop. People really enjoyed watching the video. I have to say – I like the video quite a bit. I thought it would get old after having it run all day, but I found myself still getting goose bumps and teary-eyed.



Sport Panther beta builder Bob Woolley climbed in for a test fit. Quite a few other interested folks climbed in throughout the day.

Remember – the Corvair cookout is on Friday at 5 pm at our booth. N-057 outside of hangar B – the Aircraft Spruce hangar – on the right almost to the flight line.


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