Test Fitting for all sizes

Since the fuselage is now semi-permanently tack welded we decided it was time to try it on for size. All sizes, that is!

Rachel was first. She is 5’4″ and has a small build. She looks like the Panther ate her for breakfast, but she still has great visibility and can reach the controls and rudder pedals without issue. Supplemental padding for height and the adjustable seat back would allow her to increase visibility and proper rudder pedal positioning.

Dan was next. He has a 6′, 220 lb frame and he was quite comfortable. See the pics for yourself.


Dan is resting comfortably in a slightly reclined position and has plenty of knee room. The make-shift cushion is a decent representation of the average cushion thickness.











Here is a picture of Dan’s leg position compensating for the rudder pedals. (pic is a little bright, but you get the point – aye?)












Here you can see the distance from Dan’s shoulder and the instrument panel is dead on. The adjustable seat back allows the pilot to make the adjustments to fit his/her body structure perfectly!















Next we have Lynn Dingfelder – a fellow friend, Corvair enthusiast and hopefully a Panther Beta Builder!


Lynn is quite a tall guy, measuring in at just under 6’3″. We are not sure of his weight, but venture to say it isn’t much. He is a very tall, and very lean pilot – perfect for testing out the fuselage! Here you can see, again, the Panther is a perfect fit. He prefers the reclined position, and still has leg room to stretch on a long flight. With the bubble canopy Lynn, and all pilots, should be able to look back and see the tail. In the picture  below you can see just how much room and visibility there will be.













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