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  • shocktrooper1984

    I am a recently retired A&P Mechanic, since 1987. I have spent many hrs. inspecting and repairing numerous types of turboprop, recip, and some commercial carrier and biz jets. I am very excited at the prospect of possibly building and flying this bird!; (Panther). I along with my oldest friend and fellow aviation enthusiast are “chomping at the bit” to find a kit of our liking and price range, to build and fly as our very first ‘personal aerobatic airplane’. This ‘Panther’, may just be what we’re looking for! He has mech. skills & the perfect ‘build garage’ and I have the license, training and experience to make a simultaneous 2 plane build a reality for both of us. Now to go get that LSA Pilot rating & dig up some “rusty-money”, LOL! I can see us flying in perfect formation now! We have talked and dreamed of this endeavor since the 2nd grade! Good times ahead…me-thinks!

  • J. G. Johnson - Selma, NC

    Retired A&P looking for my first kit to build and fly. Me & my best buddy and fellow enthusiast agree that the; ‘Panther’ may be just the kit we are looking for. Now to go get our LSA rating asap, & get our kits on the way! I can see us flying in perfect formation & searching for “bandits” now! LOL! It looks like SPA has a real winner with the Panther…we may wait to see the 2 seat Cougar, before we buy, while we earn our ratings. From the videos I have seen, it looks like the most “Boom & Zoom” for the money!, which is EXACTLY what we’re looking for! Nicely done SPA!