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There have been so many different things going on over the last few weeks! First – and most exciting – was the filming of SOLO. Dan’s sister, Lisa Weseman, and brother-in-law, Lex Sadasivan, spent a week shooting footage for their short film called SOLO. You can read all about it here – SOLO Film – or on FaceBook here – SOLO FaceBook.

“Filmed on location at Haller Airpark in Green Cove Springs, Florida, SOLO is a short film that authentically explores life — and death — in a small-town aviation community.

A mother and son mourn the loss of an experimental aircraft pilot and uncover a startling discovery about the true nature of his work — and life itself.”

Dan’s sister Lisa is the writer/producer, and her husband Lex is the director/producer. The film will make it’s debut at Sun’nFun this spring, so look for it!

Dan was the stunt pilot for most of the air shots and Rachel was the makeup artist. It was an amazing experience! The cast and crew were great to work with, and we learned so much about things we had never been involved in before. From the audio, green screen, lighting, silent on the set, multi-angle shots, wardrobe, production design and video equipment – we were enthralled in all of the different aspects of the filmmaking process! It was exciting, exhausting and unforgettable.

Dan has been building a new workshop in his hangar that will be temperature controlled. This is all in preparation for building the wing of the Panther. Lots of work going into this right now. It is all walled in, insulated and painting is finished. Doors and windows go in tonight.


So after all of this excitement we don’t have any positive progress on the Panther, other than the new workshop to build her in. We are still waiting on the CNC parts to be delivered. We don’t have an ETA, but were expecting them over 2 weeks ago. So…..we are in hurry up and wait mode right now.

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