What Is It Like to Fly a Panther LS?

We received a few suggestions from followers regarding video, one being a roll bar mounted view, which enables the viewer to feel like they are looking over the pilot’s shoulder.  The other was in flight commentary, so the viewer understands what is going on in the cockpit.  Like we said in the beginning we are a “have it your way” company – so we listened to what you guys are looking for and here it is!  I think it turned out great, although lengthy.  Thank you guys for the suggestions and keep them coming!

This video is long, as Dan walks you through most of a 30 minute test flight.   Apparently Dan likes to talk about flying airplanes…. So go get the popcorn and a soda and enjoy!

– Rachel

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0 thoughts on “What Is It Like to Fly a Panther LS?

  • ccsmith51

    Not only is Dan an incredible aircraft designer, he is an accomplished pilot and wonderful narrator. Thanks for a great video, I felt like I was in the back seat!!

  • Greg Crouchley

    I had to wait almost 30 years but I’ve finally seen Top Gun II. Terrific! Back then I wanted to fly a Tomcat. As of today, my dream cat is Panther!

    Best regards,

  • Keith Plemmons

    Very nice.

    It’s apparent you’ve really worked on this airplane and it shows. This thing hits the sweet spot.

    Nice job.

  • Darren

    Panther Team, I love the narration and it helps a lot showing the flight characteristics of the Panther. This is the kind of flying I like to do other than Flight Instructions at St. Augustine. When you get a chance, ask Dan on what basic tools I need to purchase to build a Panther. I’ve seen builders kits on Spruce and Avery Tools but wanted to get a basic tools listing so I can start gathering them. All the Best, Darren

  • Clayton

    Thank you Panther Team,
    What a difference the roll bar GoPro mount has made! Thanks Rachel for listening to our suggestions. That camera angle gives the viewer a much more realistic perspective of what it actually looks and almost feels like when flying the Panther. I bet I wasn’t the only one who was tilting their head and leaning in their desk chair when Dan was rolling the aircraft! Looks like you guys have a very sweet flying machine there.
    Do you anticipate flying the Panther at Airventure this summer in the Homebuilder Showcase?

  • Spencer Gould

    Hi Dan,

    How is the rear alternator setup working for you on the Panther? Any chance you or William are going to develop a rear alternator kit? Looks like a clean install.

    Great flight videos,

    SP-500 builder