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Builder and flyer Tony Spicer from Wilmington, NC has been flying his Panther for a few months now.  Tony was one of our “Beta” builders – helping us develop the instructions and assembly procedures as well as any part modifications that needed to be done.

Tony’s Panther is powered by a Jabiru 3300 and a Whirlwind Ground Adjustable Prop.

Here is what Tony has to say about flying his Panther:

“Still piddling around in Phase 1.  The Panther is smooth, light on the controls and easy to fly.  Low altitude slow cruise with the Jab is 150 MPH TAS burning 5 GPH at 2800 RPM.  Let ‘er rip at low altitude is 180 MPH TAS.  Try it, and you’re guaranteed to like it!”

img_2879 img_2880 img_2881 img_2882 img_2891 img_2924-1

You can see Tony’s build chronicled in photos HERE

Thank you Tony – for your patience, dedication and hard work.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and build experience with the experimental community.  We appreciate you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year from Team SPA!

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