Monthly Archives: May 2013

Panther and Jabiru 3300

The Panther is officially getting it’s third engine option – the Jabiru 3300!  As you probably know, the Panther LS prototype N515XP is powered by the Corvair 3.0L.  The Sport prototype, being built by Bob Woolley, is getting the Lycoming 0-320 for a power plant.  The second Panther LS tail dragger prototype, being built by […]

Join the PantherCave!

We have launched our new Panther forum called the PantherCave – a place for builders and enthusiasts to congregate, ask questions, get answers and make new Panther friends.  This IS NOT replacing the blog, this is in addition to the blog and is meant for you as a builder, potential builder or just a person who is interested in the […]

Flight Testing Continues – Review and Video from Bob Woolley

Flight testing continues on the Panther with over 27 hours of flight time showing on the hobbs.  To date, the Panther has shown no bad habits or traits.  It is predictable and easy to fly, goes where you point it and with the 100-110 HP Corvair performs like an aircraft with more horsepower.   For a LSA conforming aircraft, it has […]

Mother’s Day Update

Flight testing is going well, we are pushing 20 hours in flight.  The prop testing this week has not gone as expected.   The current prop we have on the Panther is a Tennessee Propeller 62″ by 48 pitch and is running approximately 200 rpm lower than the Corvair’s expected 2850.  We are working closely […]

FAQ Page and Update

We have added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to the website.  Here we attempt to answer some of the common questions regarding the Panther, quickly and efficiently.  Please feel free to make comments here for anything you think is missing. The Panther flight testing will continue this week.  Dan performed a thorough engine inspection after […]