AirVenture 2020 – Catching up with Andy Shorter

Here is a note from Andy Shorter along with some amazing photos and a video of him showing off his Panther SN033.

  • Name: Andrew Shorter
  • Location: New Bern NC
  • Panther SN033
  • Taildragger
  • What engine you chose:
    • Corvair 3.0
  • What made you choose the Panther as a project?
    • Design (looks) and ease of construction
  • What made you choose the engine you did?
    • Power to weight and sounds terrific
  • What avionics brand are you using and why?
    • GRT – capability and cost
  • What else have you built before?
    • Models
  • What is your favorite thing about building in general?
    • Sense of accomplishment
  • What is your favorite part of the Panther build?
    • Whenever one of the major milestones were met (e.g. fuselage on gear)
  • What type of flying do you like to do, and how does the Panther fit these goals?
    • Recreational with aerobatics.  Great platform to scoot around the area, shoot landings or knock out a squirrel cage routine… all in the same flight.
  • Are you going to use the folding wing option in your build?  Why or why not?
    • Only when required to facilitate maintenance.
  • Why would you recommend building a Panther to someone (like your talking to them at OSH)?
    • Great aircraft offered by a great little company that is interested in your individual success.
  • If you are flying your Panther then what do you like about it?
    • Perfect platform for my mission… you can fly it fast or slow and maneuver it mild or pretty wild.
  • What do you not like?
    • The fact that I don’t have another one to build.
  • What type of flying do you do, and from where, what type of field?
    • Everything that you can do day VFR, fly from a small Regional Commercial Service airport with Class D airspace.
  • How has the pandemic affected you?
    • Not too much actually… not really into cross country flying so flying habits have stayed fairly normal.
  • What other projects have you worked on?
    • None.

Here is the video –

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