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Brent Mayo, from Fernandina Beach, FL, took his Panther for it’s maiden flight this morning.  Brent has Panther SN053.  His Panther is powered by a Corvair 3.0L with a Sensenich propeller.  He has documented his build using KitLogPro – Click HERE to see more.

Brent Mayo's First Flight

Here is what Brent had to say about his experience – (See HERE for posting on the Panther Forum)

“Panther SN053 with a Corvair 3.0 120 HP took first flight this morning at FHB so I wanted to share with others how well the flight went.

I received my airworthiness certification yesterday from my DAR Charlie Kohler out of Port Orange, FL. Went back out to the airport late yesterday evening to button up everything and to take a another look at all the controls, nuts and bolts to be sure everything was good to go.

This morning was a beautiful morning here in Florida, like most are, but today didn’t seem as hot as it has been very hot the last few days here in Florida, but anyway the good stuff.

After completing my run up and double checking everything I taxi onto runway 27 slowly added power to full throttle air speed came alive raised the tail and she leaped into the air.  Man that was quick :D Climbing out at 100 MPH, 2800 RPM, 1000 FPM – I was quickly at 3500 feet.  Lowering the nose, throttling back to 2800 RPM and trimmed nose down for level flight of about 135 MPH. All CHT temps came down and settled out around 350-370, EGT temps were all lower 1100 deg. range.  Performed a turn to the left and turn to the right – everything very stable. I’m liking this airplane :)  Increased power to 3000 RPM airspeed went up around 145-150 MPH. Left wing just a tad heavy but not bad, just a slight roll to the left when stick is released, may need to check flap alignment.

Did some straight and level flying circling airport and taking a deep breath double checking engine readings. Man I like this plane. Now its time to check the lower end of the airspeed. Added carb heat, pulled power back to idle to slow her up – everything very stable airspeed slowing up to 55 MPH.  Still flying but getting close to the stall, good enough for now. Now it was time to land this thing :o

Clearing the throttle after the slow flight it time to get her down to pattern attitude. Pulled carb heat, pull power back to about 2000 RPM for a slow decent. Entered pattern upwind of 27 at 100 MPH. On downwind abeam the runway touch down point I pulled power back to idle and pulled 10 deg flaps everything stable and smooth.  At this point I went ahead an pulled full flaps on base leg and clearing the throttle slowing to 80 MPH. Turning final a little high but with 5000 feet of runway no problem so I just held 80 MPH on final just in case :o Crossing the fence rounding out for a wheel landing tail lower she settled right in with no bounce and turned off at the first exit. Did I say I like this airplane :D ?

Guys I couldn’t be more happy with the Panther and the support I have received from Dan, Rachel, Bob Woolley, and the whole Panther crew here in Florida. I feel like I have a very light weight single seat RV8, just what I wanted. I don’t fit good in a RV3 or 4 so this airplane really works for me and my mission. This was a short 25 min flight so I hope to learn more in the days to come and will report back soon. Keep up the work you will be in the air in no time.”

Brent Mayo
Congratulations to Brent Mayo and Panther N153XP!

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