Fuel tank

The fuel tank skins are shown below in the fuel tank jigs. We will be starting on the fuel tanks this week. Pictures will follow along with the build. Usher type fuel caps will be used and are on their way. Our beta builder Tony spicer will be constructing his own fuel tanks as well. […]

More On Panther Wing Fold

We have had a few more questions regarding the wing fold mechanisms/assemblies and thought it worthy of more visual aides. Here are some additional pictures below, with a video of the wing fold process at the bottom. Here you can see the aileron paddle joiner plates. This configuration allows the wing to be pulled out […]

Test Spar Assembly

The spar is really coming together. What a shame we are going to have to break this beautiful spar! We have been reaming out holes and deburring, prepping for riveting. Total assembly time to date, including cutting out spar caps and manually cutting/drilling the outer spar web, is about 8 hours. We are pleased with […]

Weekly Update

              We have been busy at the Corvair College, setting up websites and working on spar details. In the past weeks we have formed the test ribs and added flute locations to the form blocks. We also “tweaked” the nose of the rib blanks so they form better. I’m […]