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Panther Builders Manual

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Welcome to the Panther Builders Manual.  The Panther is versatile, mid-sized, single seat low wing Sport or LSA aerobatic airplane with quick fold wings.  This manual is to be used in conjunction with the plans for builders to assemble their Panther Sport or LS.  



We all know there are 10 different single seat airplanes in this class, so why do we need another one? It comes down to compromises. Every designer picks their own set of compromises, whether it be engine choice, construction, technique or building modes (like plans versus kits), just to name a few. It has always been and always will be a give and take. The designs in the current market never seemed to fit my set of desired compromises. They were either too small, very complex to build, designed around a specific engine or could only be kit built. When thinking in terms of a single seat airplane I always thought there should be an aircraft with a much broader set of compromises.The Panther offers un-paralleled versatility. The Panther is the Burger King of airplanes, “Have it Your Way”. You choose the engine, landing gear configuration, wing length, safety features, open or enclosed cockpit and kit or plan/kit combo….you make it how you want it.


Common features


Quick (2 min or less) easy single person wing fold, no controls to disconnect.

fit in 18ftx7x7 space (trailer ) when folded

large cockpit with adjustable rudder pedals and seat back, room for big guys and a parachute!

forward (2cu ft)and rear baggage area

pilot rollover protection

ballistic chute capable

bubble canopy replaceable by small windshield and skirt for open cockpit flying

excellent visibility


Flight Performance Design


easy to fly with low stall/landing speed

long stick and travel for light control feel without being “twitchy”

positively stable in all axis

excellent off runway and climb performance

fun and sporty to fly with great performance and wide speed range!


There are two wing lengths/airframe configurations


Sport Version


wingspan 21.5 ft

not LSA

6Gs at 1150 lbs

engines from Corvair, Jabiru, UL or Lycoming 0-320

up to 27 gal fuel in wings

empty weights from 650-850

tail dragger only.

LSA Version

Wingspan 23.5 ft

LSA legal

6Gs at 1115 lbs

engines form 80-120 hp

up to 27 gal fuel in wing

empty weights from 650-750 lbs

tail dragger or tri-gear



6061 aluminum / flush blind rivets (solid optional)

4130 steel tube construction from seat back to firewall. All critical attachment points like landing gear, wing pin, engine mount, 5 point harness, ballistic chute, rollover bar, control hard points etc. will be welded in the fixture . This allows quick accurate construction of all critical points.  Offers safety in a crash. Skinned in AL

quick easy to build tail cone rivets/bolts on to the forward fuselage

simple control surface design

simple strong wing spar with only seven components per spar (plus bolts/rivets)