First Flight – Kevin Ross from Granbury TX – Panther Tri-Gear

Kevin Ross, from Granbury, TX, took his first flight in his Panther Tri-Gear SN091 – N956KR – powered by a Lycoming O-320 and a three blade Sensenich Ground Adjustable propeller on Wendesday, April 15th 2020.  Here is some information on his experience and some photos.

“I put the first flight on 091 yesterday.  The airplane flew well and the performance was eye watering.  I am a Tri-Gear with a 160 hp. Lyc 0320/3 blade prop.  The climb rate at 110 mph exceeded 2,000 fpm.  I was at pattern altitude almost immediately and the 180 hp RV-7 chase plane could not keep up with me in the climb.  I have not explored the top end speeds as I will sneak up on that in upcoming flights.  I did have to hold some right rudder and will be investigating that.  The CG is a bit forward with the Odyssey battery on the cold side of the firewall and will be looking into moving the CG aft so that I can hold the nose off during landings and ease my rotation on takeoff.  The wings seem to be straight as there is no heavy wing.  Control harmony was perfect.  Controls were crisp, no slop and not too light.  The pitch trim installed per the plans works very nicely.  Of course visibility out that beautiful canopy is superb, especially with the Tri-Gear.  I found airspeed control to be very easy, the airplane slowed down nicely and with a 75 mph approach speed on final didn’t float excessively at all.  Brakes and nose wheel steering are just right and simple.  So, I’ve still got some work to do on it but it is pretty exciting.  it’s a sports car!

Thanks for the continued outstanding support.”

– Kevin Ross



Congratulations Kevin and Karla!  We are very happy for you and your accomplishment.  Looks great and continue to fly safe!  We are looking forward to hearing more about your flights as phase 1 progresses.

  • Team SPA

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