Goodbye 2015 . . . Hello 2016! 3 comments

First, to all SPA friends and customers – Happy New Year!!

We just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for a great 2015.

In 2015, our focus was production and documentation as well as keeping the front line of builders moving along.  We made substantial progress and learned a lot this year.

On the Panther front, we had three customers complete and fly their Panther this year.  Congratulations to Bob Woolley, Steve Pedano, and Will Mensink on completing and flying their Panthers!  See the completions page HERE.  We have at least one other Panther scheduled for its airworthiness inspection in early January, and many other builders making substantial progress on their builds.

On the Corvair engine conversion front, we continued to make efforts to streamline the build process.  We added Cylinder head overhaul, 3.0L cylinder kits and machine work to our list of standard services.  We completed and performed initial testing on the 3.3L “stroker” engine project and are happy with the results!

2016 looks to be a great year also.  The initial focus will be the completion of the Panther Builder manual and shipment of any remaining back orders.  As this is completed we have several new parts to bring into testing and production, such as the Panther tri-gear configuration and several new engine mounts.  As time permits, we hope to test some potential options like aileron spades and several canopy restraint options.

For the Corvair crowd, our goal is to start flying the 3.3L engine and bring it into production if it meets expectations. We will continue our efforts to make understanding, building, operating, and maintaining the Corvair conversion simpler and quicker. Our main focus will be shortening the delivery time for services and conversion components.

In 2016, we will continue to refine documentation for all products. Our goals are to make things we do better and the process easier to understand. We will also increase the quality of our products by adding more equipment in house, and constantly adjusting our manufacturing and QA as we learn how to do things better!

We will add some substantial equipment early in 2016 to make R&D projects and “just in time” manufacturing more attainable with a lower cost.

Dan will also be writing a series of FAQs and posting (hopefully) every few weeks to address many technical and safety issues as time permits.  As we start the Cougar prototype final design and construction, we will make routine updates to keep those interested informed.

The Sebring Light Sport Expo is just around the corner.  Please come and see us at our booth – 801 from Jan 20th – 23rd.  See their website HERE!  

In closing, we want to again thank all of our customers and supporters for their patience and hanging in during this last year! We sincerely appreciate you! We are excited to see what 2016 has instore for us!


Build Smart, Fly Smart!!

Happy New Year to all,

Dan and the SPA family!

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015 . . . Hello 2016!

  • Jeff Moores

    I’ve received all the parts I purchased from you in a very timely manner. Thank you very much. All the best in 2016 and the future. Hopefully we will see you at the SPA Oshkosh BBQ again this year.


  • Jeff Moores

    I sent a message this weekend but I guess it didn’t work. I’ll try again!!

    All the best to you and your company in the new year. Thank you very much for sending my 3L parts in a very timely manner.

    Hopefully my wife and I will be able to attend the SPA barbeque again at Oshkosh in 2016. We had a great time last year.


  • Dustin Christie

    Sounds like you all have a great plan going forward. Thanks for always making time for emails and phone calls. It is much appreciated!