Lordy, Lordy – The Panther is 40! 9 comments

3 pilots, 40 days and 40 hours!  Yes folks, the 40 hour flight testing is complete as of this afternoon!

The Panther Pilots - Bob Woolley, Dan and Tony Spicer
The Panther Pilots – Bob Woolley, Dan and Tony Spicer (Left to right)

Early this morning Tony Spicer got his first flight in the Panther.  He came back with what has been dubbed the “Panther Grin”.  So far every pilot that comes back from flying the Panther is wearing that same look….

Tony Spicer's First Flight in the Panther

Tony Spicer’s First Flight in the Panther

And he wins the award for the “Best Landing to Date” in the Panther – and he nailed it on his first flight!

See the video below.  Dan, Bob and I were there, I was recording it.  As you will notice – we all were very impressed, especially me!

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9 thoughts on “Lordy, Lordy – The Panther is 40!

  • Dick Fisher

    Congratulations to all 3 pilots for the successful test flights . Dan’s Panther design is a sure fire winner. Can’t wait to finish mine.

    Dick Fisher

  • Ron Franck

    Congratulations to the entire Panther Team! To reach the 40 hour milestone in such quick fashion and to have done so with a perfect safety record is something to be proud of, and not only with a new airframe design but with Corvair power to boot!! Oshkosh is gonna be a hoot.

  • Lauren Williams

    You guys are sooo good. Tony’s landing sure can’t be beat but there’s something else. In the front quartering view of Tony sitting in the plane I see again something that I really like about the Panther. The fuselage sides extend a little below the wing root and the gear legs are back away from the leading edge. It’s so clean and good looking. Thanks for the update! Time to celebrate!!

  • Chris Willars

    Hmph! I’m sure Tony is a lovely guy but watching landings like that could make you go off some people!!! May all your landings be as good as that one….. 😉