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Jim Hurdle from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho sent a note with some photos about his first flight in his Panther SN028 powered by a Continental O-200 and a Sensenich wood prop.

Jim Hurdle – Builder/pilot
Panther 028
Continental O-200 100 HP
Sensenich 68 dia x 64 pitch wooden propeller
GRT EIS engine monitor
FL760 Comm Radio
EW = 767 Lbs
“I am a retired Aerospace Engineer and Aviation Maintenance Instructor living in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I started the Panther build in spring 2014 and recently completed the first flight on August 9, 2020.
The Panther was an easy build without any construction issues. Painting was my biggest problem of the whole project.
First flight went ok without any significant issues. There were some minor oil seeps due to old gaskets. Flew for 45 minutes. I need to tweak the rigging to correct for a minor yaw tendency. The engine is zero time since major overhaul. Engine temps were well within limits. I thought the airplane flew similarly to an RV-4, only slower. Very light on the controls and hard to slow down. Landing approach is very attitude sensitive. Will see if flaps do much for speed control.
Thanks to Dan and Rachel for providing an outstanding kit and technical support.”
-Jim Hurdle
Congratulations Jim!!  We are very happy for you!  The plane looks great – very clean and nicely done 🙂  Check out the Panther Completions Page for Jim’s addition and to see other flying Panther’s and their info.

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