Panther Builders Manual – Now Open to the Public

Have you ever wondered what it is like to build a Panther?

We have opened the access to the Panther builders manual so you can now browse the entire manual without restriction.  (Previously this link was only available to registered builders).

Want to take a look?  Just click this link below.

Panther Builders Manual

The top link on the page is for mobile device users, second is for traditional browser access and the third is a PDF that you can download and view offline.  We highly recommend the online version, because it is searchable and always up to date.  We do offer a printed option (for a fee) for those who don’t like to use the online version.

Our documentation also includes a printed set of full D size plans.  Here is a link to an example plan sheet.

Panther Rudder Plan Sheet

Are you ready to Learn, Build and FLY!! 

Happy reading!  When you are ready to begin your Panther journey, just give us a call.

  • Team SPA

Panther Builders Manual – Online version

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