Panther Building Record – 228 Days to Completion!

Got a note from our builders in Titusville, FL about their Panther build.  Here is what they said:

“Greetings Dan & Rachel,
Panther S/N 083 is now officially known as N866BR and has an official FAA
Airworthiness Certificate!!!
I make that out to be 228 days from Kit delivery/pick-up at SPA to
achieving FAA Airworthiness status.
That’s a testament to a Great kit! (and some great building partners

We plan to button it back up over the coming Labor Day weekend and do
some more ground testing.

Kindest Regards,
Les Boatright
Titusville Panther Building Partners: Bob, Ed & Les

P.S. EAA Chapter 866’s Monthly Pancake Breakfast is on for THIS Saturday
9/02, 8AM-10AM.”

 – Les Boatright

Congratulations guys!  We have been so pleased to hear how the build has been going and we are happy for your accomplishment!

We look forward to seeing photos!

– Team SPA

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