Panther = Hot Rod Fun + Cross Country Legs

The Panther is known for it’s sexy good looks, nimble flight characteristics, ease and cost of building, many engine options and folding wings.  However most don’t think of it as a cross country star.  As more Panthers come online we are seeing customers stretch out their feline legs and soar for great distances, with good performance and modest fuel burn.

Will Mensink sent this note and photo over the weekend – “Hi Rachel. Thought you and Dan might enjoy seeing one of your Panthers in MT. Deer Lodge that is, for gas and wait for wx to improve through Mullan Pass. Very capable x/c machine!”

He recently moved from Minnesota to Washington State and flew his Panther to its new home on a airstrip out there.

Will Mensink's Panther in Deer Lodge in Montana.

Will Mensink’s Panther in Deer Lodge in Montana.

Here is a great write up on the PantherCave forum by Bob Woolley after his x/c to AirVenture Oskosh 2016.

Here are a few photos, and a video (scroll all the way down) from Bob Woolley and Steve Pedano’s arrival at OSH 2016.  They flew up from Florida to Oshkosh WI for the EAA Airventure 2016.  We have a Panther parking row behind our booth there.

Photos courtesy of Dave Wurtz and Paul Salter.

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Steve and Bob departing on Saturday morning.

Steve and Bob departing on Saturday morning.

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