Panther Prop

We have been working with the Sensenich team of engineers to develop a prop tailored for the Panther.  It arrived last week and we have had a chance to fly it some and as we expected it is a beautiful propeller.  The prop is a 62” x 54 pitch composite over wood, painted black.  After 5 flights and several hours these are our initial observations.

It tracks well and is very smooth running.  So far it performs very well, the RPMs are closer to the range of where we like them.  It has excellent static thrust for good takeoff, climb and aerobatic performance.  Cruise seems to be efficient and top speed is up slightly from the Tennessee propeller we were using.

One thing is for sure - Sensenich makes a beautiful prop!

One thing is for sure – Sensenich makes a beautiful prop!

When we return from Oshkosh we will do a round of testing and gathering of further data and work with Sensenich to optimize the performance.

Sensenich propellers are all CNC machined, and of a very high quality.  When you get your propeller you can be sure it will perform as designed.  We have an OEM agreement, so you can buy your Panther prop directly from us.

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