5th Bearing 2nd Gen



2nd Gen 5th Bearing Kit for Corvair Flight Engines


  • CNC Machined Billet Front Housing with Standard Size Bearing Installed
  • Heat Treated 4340 Bearing Hub Welded to New Crankshaft Gear and Pressed Onto  Crankshaft, then Ground Concentric with the Crankshaft and Polished
  • Oil Seal
  • Oil Inlet Fitting
  • Complete Instructions

If choosing the option for a reconditioned crank this cost includes:

  • Pressing Off Your Stock Gear
  • Magnaflux
  • Stress Relief Process
  • Grind and Polish
  • Nitride
  • Threading for Safety Shaft

(Fulfills FlyCorvair part #3001)

**NOTE – If your core does not pass inspection then you will be charged a $250 core fee.

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The 2nd Generation 5th Bearing Kit is designed for new Corvair engine builds.  This unit requires you have a serviced Corvair GM crankshaft or one of our billet crankshafts.

The 5th Bearing Hub is a single piece 5th bearing Journal/Crank Gear for new engine builds. This unit will be pressed on as part of our Crankshaft Service or our New Billet Crankshaft. Then ground as a unit with the crankshaft. This ensures the hub is concentric with the crankshaft and eliminates the need for adjusting the run out during installation.


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