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We now have 8 production fuselages off the production line along with most of the welded components.  They are going through final QA and touch up before going to the powder-coat shop.  The goal is to have them there on Monday morning.  We also have the forward fuselage side and belly skins being run at the CNC shop now – all pre drilled.

photo 1 photo 13

photo 3

I know they don’t look as impressive naked – but they are going to be beautiful once they are all powder-coated!  Just imagine 8 of these babies all lined up!

Panther Fuselage

We also are working to get part sub-kits packaged up to make the packing process more streamlined.

photo 8

Canopies are in as well!  Our first batch has been received and is awaiting QA.

We also have our first production batch of landing gear legs from the CNC shop.


So – things are really starting to come together.  We still have a long way to go – but there is clearly some light at the end of the tunnel.

These next few weeks before Oshkosh are going to be spent dialing in the rest of the production welding and getting customers kits shipped out.

After Oshkosh we will focus on the canopy skirt fiberglass mold and the finishing touches on the kits and the documentation.

Our new web store will be launching in the next few weeks as well – take a look at the staged website (keeping in mind that pricing and options are not all correct).  Constructive criticism is welcome!

I can’t believe Oshkosh is already here! Look for an invitation link to join us for our annual OSH Friday night cookout/night airshow soon.

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