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Great airplane and great people to work with.

Buddy Henson Green Cove Springs, FL Panther Tri-Gear March 3, 2021

My Panther build was really a lot of fun. I completed the entire project in my two car garage then moved it to the airport for the first flight. I always get comments over the radio about what a great looking plane it is. It's a real blast to fly.

Tom Kodey Port Orange, FL Panther LS March 3, 2021

I was able to build my Panther in my basement and carried the finished pieces up one at a time through my living room and kitchen into a tiny 1 car garage where it now sits with its wings folded. The folding wings will allow me to share a hangar and transport it to any field for flight testing. I can't imagine building anything else in my limited space.

Chris Michaelis Columbia, MD Panther LS March 3, 2021

Paul spent a lot of time with my friend and I on the Panther. Looks to be a great new product and I came away feeling confident they are building and supporting a very strong, safe, and well built plane.

Dick Hoey Panther May 1, 2016

After working with Rachael and Dan on getting my Corvair engine going for my Sonex, I have decided to build a Panther. Here's why: the support is outstanding! Phone calls are answered and texts are responded to almost immediately! After experiencing building three different aircraft from three different companies and presently converting the Sonex, I can say this from experience....these guys are first class!!

Phil Davis Corvair Builder June 23, 2015

Having built four HB aircraft I can tell you the quality and thought that has gone in to designing the Panther Aircraft kit, it is one of the best on the market. The parts are first class. Thank Dan, Rachel, and Panther team.

Brent Mayo Panther SN053 May 22, 2015

Have had my tail kit complete for a few months and just received my full kit in great shape. As an early buyer of the panther kit, it is amazing to see the evolution of the Panther kit. Parts are increasingly more matched hole tooling, plans are very detailed, and builders manual is getting more specific instructions and pictures added continuously.

Thanks team Panther!

Kelley Kokemiller Panther SN015 February 15, 2015

If you are a first time builder I would venture to guess that this is THE kit to try. I R&R'd parts as a helicopter crew chief in the Army 30 years ago and have only been a pilot ever since. I have watched others do some building but I've never been to a builders workshop of any kind. This kit is dead easy and I'll bet you can start whipping through it like everyone else is if you just give it a try. I don't think know-how and experience are the critical skills, rather perseverance and a will to succeed (complete the kit like most any kit) are the keys to being successful on this very easy build. And the fact that it is easy, means it goes together fast so you can see the progress (your own progress) and thus remain motivated. It is a closed system where you will motivate yourself by your own progress. That's my philosophical stream of consciousness on the subject, so take it for what it's worth…

Give it a try with the tail kit!

Andrew Shorter - New Bern, NC Panther SN033 December 7, 2014

My first aircraft build was plans-built. It was a little scary at first wondering if all my welds, glue joints and other things were adequate, but it ended up being the most interesting thing I have ever done, and the most fun (except for flying it, which I am going to do later today). The Panther kit by comparison is a piece of cake: cleco, drill, rivet. And I believe many of the newer components will be matched hole making it even easier and less error prone. The other big factor when building is the availability of online builders forums and builders sites (like Tony's) where questions can be answered, and even better is being able to get questions answered by the designer himself. I have worked with Rachel and Dan before and can tell you the support is excellent. Just do it.

Rick Holland - Castle Rock, CO Panther SN032 December 7, 2014

I completed the horiz. stab., and all went well. Your kit components are just excellent. The precision is terrific, and it makes building a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Lynn Dingfelder - Corry, PA Panther SN024 December 7, 2014

My building is going nearly perfectly so far.  No major issues. Love the pop rivets.   So quick.   And the quality of your parts is super. I had one small issue with one (not both) of my rear HS spar channels.  The holes toward one end were slightly mis-punched.  I was able to to ream all but the last three with a #30 drill, and the last three with a #27 drill.  I'm going to use some oversize cherry-max rivets in the last three holes since they had to be slightly bigger.    This is the only issues I have had with the parts, and it was slight and easily dealt with.    See Build Here

Brian Sowell Panther SN047 November 16, 2014

In response to an update sent by SPA - "Good job on informing the masses. Very informative & on point."

Dick Fisher Panther Beta Builder - P004 November 16, 2014

The parts quality look great!

Bob Foster Panther SN034 November 16, 2014

This kit is exactly what I was looking for as a first time builder. It has a simple design and it is going together really easy. The best part is that I have no doubt that I will finish it and fly it… sooner rather than later.

Andy Shorter Panther SN033 September 29, 2014

The parts are so well designed and precise.  Every time I start on a Panther sub-kit, I am in awe of the quality and imagination that went into the design and production of these parts.

Dan Heath Panther SN020 - http://pantherbuilder.org/ September 16, 2014

The plans and parts are like a piece of art. Keep up the good work!

Rick Holland Panther SN032 September 6, 2014

I just want to compliment you guys on the beautiful spars. Other mfg. spars we have received had sharp and ragged edges. 

We were very happy to see that the Panther's spar web edges are as smooth as a baby's rear end.  Keep up the good work!


Katie Boseman Panther SN008 September 6, 2014



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  • shocktrooper1984

    I am a recently retired A&P Mechanic, since 1987. I have spent many hrs. inspecting and repairing numerous types of turboprop, recip, and some commercial carrier and biz jets. I am very excited at the prospect of possibly building and flying this bird!; (Panther). I along with my oldest friend and fellow aviation enthusiast are “chomping at the bit” to find a kit of our liking and price range, to build and fly as our very first ‘personal aerobatic airplane’. This ‘Panther’, may just be what we’re looking for! He has mech. skills & the perfect ‘build garage’ and I have the license, training and experience to make a simultaneous 2 plane build a reality for both of us. Now to go get that LSA Pilot rating & dig up some “rusty-money”, LOL! I can see us flying in perfect formation now! We have talked and dreamed of this endeavor since the 2nd grade! Good times ahead…me-thinks!

  • J. G. Johnson - Selma, NC

    Retired A&P looking for my first kit to build and fly. Me & my best buddy and fellow enthusiast agree that the; ‘Panther’ may be just the kit we are looking for. Now to go get our LSA rating asap, & get our kits on the way! I can see us flying in perfect formation & searching for “bandits” now! LOL! It looks like SPA has a real winner with the Panther…we may wait to see the 2 seat Cougar, before we buy, while we earn our ratings. From the videos I have seen, it looks like the most “Boom & Zoom” for the money!, which is EXACTLY what we’re looking for! Nicely done SPA!